Strategic direction

Transfer of global knowledge and technologies ins KR 

  • Organization of exchange of experiences between Kyrgyzstan and international universities, experts, farmers, business companies.
  • Attracting highly qualified international agricultural experts to strengthen the capacity of specialists, consultants, and farmers,
  • Adaptation of international training materials, video courses, mobile offers, distribution/sale to farmers and their training at demo stages and demos;
  • Import of foreign varieties of seeds, seedlings, valuable breeds of cattle, bees, agricultural machinery and equipment for farmers of the Kyrgyzstan;

Promotion of export of agricultural products from Kyrgyzstan

  • Research of external and internal markets for cluster development;
  • Participation in exhibitions/fairs, conferences, etc.;
  • Search and establishment of new sales markets;

Building the capacity of agricultural consultants in agricultural activity:

  • Enhancing the capacity of agro consultants;
  • Training of young consultants/trainers

Access to agricultural Finance and infrastructure::

  • Training farmers in financial literacy and business planning;
  • Promoting farmers ‘ access to drinking and irrigation water, roads, sewage treatment plants and electricity;

Political assistance in agriculture

Active participation in the development and lobbying of draft laws, strategies, programs, etc. NLA (normative legal act) in the agricultural sector



Головной офис
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Тонский район,с.Боконбаева, ул. Секеева, 44.
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Чуйская область, г.Шопоков
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Цех по переработке и фасовке орехов
Жалал-Абадская область, Базар-Коргонский район
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